• Eros 1100mAh Battery

 Manufactured to the highest possible standards of safety, performance and durability, Eros 1100mAh batteries are the largest capacity standard battery in the Eros range.

Less than an inch longer than a standard 650mAh battery, the 1100mAh battery manages to cram in nearly double the battery capacity and is popular with customers who like to go as long as possible between charges.


1. Dry the battery before charging

It is a good idea to dry the battery before charging as there might be condensation or E-liquid collected in the top of the battery.

Use a cotton bud or tissue paper to make sure the battery is completely dry before screwing on to your charger.

It might only be a couple small drops of condensation, but water and electricity do not mix.

2. ALWAYS use the correct charger

 Do not mix and match parts from different electronic cigarettes. Each charger and manufacturer has a different output rating, and different safety standards. Using the wrong charger could damage the battery and could potentially cause it to overheat. Our batteries are designed to only be charged with our USB charger on a computer or our UK plug adaptors. Without exception - we do not recommend charging our batteries with any other plug adapter.

3. Charge on a non-flammable surface

When charging a battery charge on a non-flammable surface away from any clutter.

4. Never leave a battery charging unattended.

5. Never leave a battery charging overnight.

6. Do not overcharge the battery.

It is important that you do not overcharge your battery. When the indicator light is green remove the battery from the charger straight away.

7. Battery damage

Batteries can be damaged by drops, knocks, extreme hot and cold temperatures, exposure to dirt or water. If you know that your battery has been potentially been damaged in anyway, do not use the battery under any circumstances.

8. Safe Charging LIPO Bags

We now recommend that all batteries, without exception, are charged in a charging bag available see below

Eros 1100mAh Battery

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